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The specialty is engaged inEnvironmental protection machinery

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  Liyang city hao Lin machinery co., LTDIs located in the economically developed Yangtze river delta hinterland、Tianmuhu lake along the scenery pleasant,Liyang west from hangzhou highway export only1.3Kilometers、Liyang high-speed only3.5Km or so,Arrive from ning、Hangzhou、Shanghai and other places are1To3Hour's drive,Dealing is very convenient。

  Our company is specialized in the design of environmental protection machinery、Research and development、Manufacture and installation,On the floor、Furniture、Office、Cabinets、Handicraft production line made in the field of wood industry—Set of results,And won the high trust of users。

  Especially in recent years in China university of mining and the support of the local government,Developed intelligent electrical control system and plate production line of industrial automation equipment,In the advanced position in the industry。

  Wish our sincere cooperation,To share a piece of blue sky!

We specialized inEnvironmental protection machinery

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HLMCSeries of assemble type dust collector
MDCSeries of woodworking cyclone pulse bag filter
MGCWoodworking inertial pulse bag filter
MQS 5-54Series of woodworking materials flow fan
BMFSeries of woodworking efficient cyclone separator
MJDSeries star discharger
Frequency conversion control system
Pipe fittings series
Plate production line of industrial automation equipment
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